Vari flow irrigation rotor: Full circle - GEQNEEK6

Vari flow irrigation rotor: Full circle - GEQNEEK6

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Product Code: GEQNEEK6

  • C' Frame design for strength and uniformity.

  • Adjustable flow rate control.

  • Flipper suspended for performance.

  • Threaded for installing into Rigid Risers, Adaptors or 4mm (ID) Pipe.

  • UV Resistant materials

  • The Antelco Adjustable Rotor Sprinkler has a strong "C" frame design with easy to use adjustment, which allows for full control over the uniformity of water distribution in a rotating circular pattern.

    This adjustable rotor sprinkler produces a flow rate 0-95 litres per hour at recommended 1.5 bar pressure, which can be easily adjusted by a simple rotation of the cap to allow for customised flow and coverage. Full shut-off is also possible if required. At a height of 20cm the sprayer will cover a diameter of 0-7.5 metres. The sprinkler has a "fast" threaded inlet for inserting directly into a sprayer rigid riser or the end of 4mm pipe.

    Manufactured from UV stabilised acetal and nylon plastics to prevent the sprinkler deteriorating under sunlight, and resistant to common agricultural chemicals.

    This 0-95 L/h sprinkler is colour coded Black for easy identification.

    Vari flow irrigation rotor: Full circle - GEQNEEK6