Silky Hayauchi and Todoku Pole Saw - GEFEYQPV

Silky Hayauchi and Todoku Pole Saw - GEFEYQPV

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  • The Hayauchi brings the hard to reach branches within your reach and is the professionals of the first choice. This telescopic pole saw is easy to use and lightweight so you can cut trees all day without getting tired. Let's admit the work with this device isn't quite a punishment, is it?

  • Remote cutting requires a reliable and versatile saw. The 480 mm long curved saw blade of the Hayauchi is equipped with Silky's unique 4-RETSUME teeth. These teeth cause a great loss of wood, so you can quickly cut through the thickest branches and give you the flexibility to sawn in all directions in relation to the wood grain. Ideal for larger jobs! The saw blade is available in two different angles for high and deep cutting

  • Adjustable.

  • A classic for many years: due to its lightness and functionality, it offers a long-time edge holding ability. Sturdy, easy to adjust aluminium rod. The smallest pole saw in particular is very suitable for high cutting. Thanks to the large rubberised handle, it is very easy to grip, even when wet and moist. Comes with saw blade protector.

    The weight, extended length and retracted length differ depending on the variant:

    Variant: 240 cm.
    Weight: 1870 g.
    Extended length: 2400 mm.
    Retracted length: 1720 mm.

    Variant: 370 cm.
    Weight: 1920 g.
    Extended length: 3700 mm.
    Retracted length: 2280 mm.

    Variant: 490 cm.
    Weight: 2370 g.
    Extended length: 4900 mm.
    Retracted length: 2350 mm.

    Variant: 630 cm.
    Weight: 3170 g.
    Extended length: 6300 mm.
    Retracted length: 2440 mm.

    Silky Hayauchi and Todoku Pole Saw - GEFEYQPV