Lavor Ride On Scrubber Drier SCL Comfort S-R 90 - NVKPPF73

Lavor Ride On Scrubber Drier SCL Comfort S-R 90 - NVKPPF73

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  • SIMPLICITY - Easy and intuitive controls reduce operator's training time with easy mechanical brush plate system.

  • COMFORT - Ergonomic and shape of the machine allows for comfort every time

  • ACCESSIBILTY - Easy to get to tank allow for quick maintenance

  • EFFICIENCY - Easy access to electrical components allow for quick adjustment of controls

  • EXTRAS - Enbloc brush plate applies high pressure for deep cleans. 24V power supply.

  • The Lavor SCL Comfort S-R 90 Essential ride-on scrubber drier is the answer to all your hard floor cleaning problems. It is designed for commercial cleaning tasks in warehouses food production areas and large, flat flooring areas. It works well on all tiled floors, concrete floors, painted floors, linoleum, and will even clean undulating & grooved floors.

    It works by injecting the detergent solution through the fast scrubbing brushes, and at the same time the rubber squeegee blades allow the dirty solution to be vacuumed away to the recovery tank.

    Suitable to work for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 6,200 m²).


    - More than 50kg of constant pressure on the brushes
    - Large 140 litre solution tank and 150 litre recovery tank ensures longer use reducing any downtime needed to refill and empty the tanks
    - Recovery tank window for quick inspection of whether it requires emptying
    - Independent front wheel drive with small turning radius
    - Automatic stop system that stops the brushes and detergent spray when the machine is stationary
    - Self leveling brushes

    In The Box
    1x SCL Comfort S-R 90
    2x 457mm PPL Brush
    1x Front Squeegee Blade
    1x Rear Squeegee Blade

    Lavor Ride On Scrubber Drier SCL Comfort S-R 90 - NVKPPF73