Kante Planter Faux Weathering Steel - PNVWPXY5

Kante Planter Faux Weathering Steel - PNVWPXY5

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  • MODERN CONCRETE SQUARE PLANTER: This modern contemporary planter with visible pores and an authentic concrete finish will add an elegant touch to your décor, and it is ideal for succulents and delicate plants that need room to grow

  • STRAIGHT SQUARE DESIGN: The straight lines and square shape of this planter will help you maintain a sleek look throughout your space, while holding a good amount of plants without looking crowded

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: This planter is handmade through an Eco-friendly manufacturing process, has a drainage hole with rubber plug and a strong UV resistant ability that stays well in wind, rain, hot and cold season

  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made of lightweight concrete and weather-resistant fiberglass that have all the advantages of these materials, such as strength, durability, weather and damage resistance, and long-lasting color

  • IDEAL SIZE FOR OUTDOOR USE: Planter measures 11"W x 11"L x 16"H and it makes a great addition to any apartment balcony or large backyard patio by standing out with its unique look

  • This new series of planters is the amazing gift from nature involving no acid or liquid that pollutes the environment, already well processed in production. The special ferrous powder and iron preparation added in its coating penetrate deep into the cement. The surface oxidizes with sunlight and moisture in the air, giving out a blaze of color. When delivered, its surface has been oxidized for some time, explaining the colors it takes on. They will continue to change as time goes by like a watercolor painting of nature, recording the color of the wind, the smell of sunlight, and the temperature of moisture. Each records the wonderful and magical changes of nature in its own way. It doesn't require extra chemical handling. Spraying water would expedite the color changing if preferred. Place it anywhere, leave it to the brush of nature. Outside, it sings a bit of diversity to your garden poetry. Indoors, it blows a breath of fresh air. In an obscure corner, it highlights a unique taste.

    Kante Planter Faux Weathering Steel - PNVWPXY5