GOLDBEARUK Willow Patio Greenhouse Planter Large - BUJQI2YF

GOLDBEARUK Willow Patio Greenhouse Planter Large - BUJQI2YF

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  • Grow Your Own: More and more people are creating vegetable patches in the gardens so they can enjoy the freshest food possible. Our medium and large greenhouse planters are a stylish and easy way to grow your own!

  • Beautiful Natural Design: The natural brown wicker base looks right at home in your outdoor space while the clear canopy and supports are unimposing in your garden retreat.

  • Includes Convenient Lining: Keep nutrients in and breezes out with the handy lining, included in your purchase.

  • Ideal for Smaller Spaces: Whether you have a large garden with a small space to fill or a small courtyard garden, our patio size greenhouse gives you the room you need to start to grow your own vegetables.

  • Everything You Need to Get Started: Your kit includes four wicker panels with zip ties for quick construction, four metal roof supports, lining for the wicker base and a transparent canopy with handy zips for easy access to your harvest. Large greenhouse Size: Length 99cm X Roof Height 73cm X Depth 40cm

  • Gorgeous Greenhouse Planter for the Patio: Growing your own fruit and vegetables is one of the most enjoyable ways to get your five-a-day. Not only do you get the satisfaction that comes with growing your own food, but you won’t ever be able to get your food fresher than when you pick it straight from the bush. Growing your own food is a great way to convince kids to eat more of the healthy stuff and gardening is said to be a great relief for your mental health. Designed with Nature in Mind: We think natural looks best, so we have designed our patio greenhouse to blend in with its surroundings. With a stunning wicker base and transparent covering that lets the light in while retaining the heat, it will look right at home in your garden, no matter how big or small your outdoor space is. Made for Success: As satisfying as it is to grow your own vegetables, it is not always easy. Our patio size greenhouse has been made to increase your chances of success, with a helpful liner that helps to increase nutrient uptake while allowing excess water to drain away. The transparent cover will help to keep many pests at bay, while convenient zips allow you easy access to harvest your crops. Everyone Can Grow Their Own with our Greenhouse Planter: These patio planters have been made to make the most of even the smallest of outdoor spaces. Helping you to grow strong, healthy plants on balconies, patios and even the windowsill if you don’t have a garden. We have removed all the barriers to growing your own vegetables so that you can enjoy fresh, home-grown food. Purchase Your Greenhouse Planter at Our Amazing Prices: The other biggest barrier to growing vegetables is often the perceived cost. However, compost and vegetable seeds can be purchased at very reasonable prices, while we have made sure our patio greenhouses give you excellent value for money. Now there are no more excuses!

    GOLDBEARUK Willow Patio Greenhouse Planter Large - BUJQI2YF