EDA Volcania Square Planter Charcoal - YSQXDP3T

EDA Volcania Square Planter Charcoal - YSQXDP3T

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  • STRONG AND NON-GELIF: A sturdy double wall design, this Loft Wall is designed to counter frost episodes and keep your plants in good shape. A high wall with robustness that prevents product deformation.

  • Modular: this flower pot can be adjusted with the entire volcania eda range - planter, low square pots, wall - allowing you to arrange your terrace, balcony, garden or home as you like. An L loft with exceptional design and modularity.

  • Product quality: This Loft Wall L certified from France is made with an anti-UV paint, ensuring this high rectangular planter will last and maintain colour over time.

  • Multi-user: inside your home, This L loft wall will bring a subtle and modern decorative touch to your home. Also designed for outdoor use, this high planter will enhance a garden area, terrace or balcony. This L loft is pre-drilled for ease of use. We advise you not to drill the wall in indoor use and drill it in outdoor use. To facilitate the flow of water, especially in geographical areas with high precipitation.

  • Easy to care for your plants: this planter offers you easy maintenance of your plants by its water retention area at the bottom of the flower. Thus, we advise you to arrange clay beads around the "plot" of the flower planter to allow plants to be nourished by capillarity. This will make your watering easier and make the most of your plants.

  • Material Polypropylene
    Brand EDA
    Colour Anthracite Grey
    Style Contemporary
    Shape Rectangular

    EDA Volcania Square Planter Charcoal - YSQXDP3T