Capillary Matting 21 x 21 - INHJNNST

Capillary Matting 21" x 21" - INHJNNST

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  • A 1/8" (3mm) thick non-toxic, cotton/polyester material with a water holding capacity of approx. 5 pints per sq. yd.

  • A capillary lift of about 4" (10cm), means it can draw water up out of a reservoir.

  • Water the matting by hand or for a more constant watering, from a Water Reservoir attached to your bench or shelves.

  • Use the matting either way up - its' dark side is useful for hiding unsightly soil spillage and help discourage algae growth while its' white side will reflect more light which can be beneficial when growing light sensitive plants.

  • 23½" (60 cm) wide, if covering a wider area simply overlap the matting by about ½" to allow water to be transferred from one piece to another.

  • A high quality Capillary Matting which transports water quickly and evenly over flat level surfaces. It allows a large number of plants to be easily watered and at the same time helps create a good humid atmosphere.

    Capillary Matting 21" x 21" - INHJNNST