ARS ARS-UV-32E 300mm Straight Blade Pruning Saw Sheathed - GRMAK41P

ARS ARS-UV-32E 300mm Straight Blade Pruning Saw Sheathed - GRMAK41P

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  • SUPER TURBOCUT DENTAL SETTING: A dental setting on the blade have shaped a clever system in which when cutting, the wood is dissipated evenly therefore makes the process more speedy and takes less effort. This is an ideal attribute as gardening is a time consuming process and with this tool you can save time to do more gardening. The blade is also curved and tapered for cutting that takes less effort whilst also retaining its elasticity.

  • PLASTIC HAND GRIP: Our main priority is safety, which is why the handle has a plastic grip to reduce slipping when using this saw tool. Curving the handle was a key ergonomic feature that we have to include for your comfort and improve ease of use. A sharp blade such as the one on this hand saw can be dangerous when not in use, which is why we've included a sheathed with belt in order to minimise the risk of any accidents when it's not in use.

  • MULTI SAW FOR GARDENING ACTIVITIES: Gardening tools aren't complete without this pruner hand saw! This saw can be used as a wood cutter, branch cutter and more, it's a great cutting blade for a range of gardening activities. Test out the most loved brand of garden hand tools and start enjoying the benefits of a smooth cutting tool today.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: This blade is made out of high carbon steel, giving it durable cutting performance, using this material on our blades will retain sharpness and let you shear for longer. These blades are designed to be sharp enough to cut through tougher branches and the high carbon blade is plated with a chrome finish for a corrosion resistant and wipe clean surface. Lasting pruning saws are an essentials item for all garden lovers, with ARS you know you're getting the best of the best!

  • LONGER BLADE FOR BIGGER PROJECTS: This blade has a fantastic length of 300mm for larger outdoor projects that may require bigger garden tools. Having a longer blade allows you to cover more area in a shorter spare of time, so you can count on this hand tool for efficient gardening! The high carbon blade is plated with a chrome finish.. making it resistant to corrosion and other forms of wear.

  • Brand ARS
    Blade length 300 Millimetres
    Item dimensions L x W x H 51.5 x 10 x 4 centimetres
    Number of teeth 6
    Cutting angle 45 Degrees

    ARS ARS-UV-32E 300mm Straight Blade Pruning Saw Sheathed - GRMAK41P