6″ Black Iron Victorian Urn - VLKRROT0

6″ Black Iron Victorian Urn - VLKRROT0

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Product Code: VLKRROT0

  • BLACK IRON DOOR KNOCKER: Update your home with a striking iron door knocker in a choice of three decorative yet timeless styles – opt for the 6-inch victorian urn, 6-inch lion’s head, or two-piece lion’s head.

  • SOLID CAST IRON: These knockers are durable and constructed from solid cast iron. They’re completed with a black powder coating that gives a high-quality and long-lasting finish and a sleek appearance.

  • VISUALLY ENHANCE YOUR HOME: A black door knocker effortlessly enhances the look of your home and makes a stylish addition to many different properties. This can also increase the value of the property.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Each style of door knocker is easy to install and is provided with dome nuts, steel bolts, and black washers. They are ideally suited to install on any type of wooden front door.

  • CHOOSE A ONE OR TWO PIECE KNOCKER: The lion door knocker is available as either a one or two-piece style depending on your preferences. The victorian urn style is available as one piece.

  • 6″ Black Iron Victorian Urn - VLKRROT0